Campaign: How do we want to raise our children

In contemporary societies the question of how to raise children is no longer self evident, does not go without saying. Traditional kin networks are dissolving and many young parents find themselves struggling [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_preview","fid":"19","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","style":"float: right; ","typeof":"foaf:Image"}}]] with issues of how to bridge traditional and modern values, how to keep up with their children, what to pass on to their children, and how to participate in and influence public childcare and education in kindergartens and schools. Within the educational system parental knowledge and involvement and is often lacking. The campaign "How do we want to raise our children?" aims to stimulate a dialog process as a bottom up approach to redefining child socialization and child-rearing through parental self reflection, peer exchange and a peer learning process. Mother Centers have a wide range of practical experience and expertise linked to parenthood and child-upbringing. The aim is to make this knowledge and practical experience visible both to the involved parents themselves as well as to the general and professional public. For the Mother Centers and their grassroots networks this will mean a significant move towards advocacy in child-rearing issues and to a raising of awareness and recognition of their position and educational function as "universities of parenthood". In the process a better understanding will be developed of what is needed to support mothers and families in their daily and daunting task of bringing up the next generation. The results of the first phase of the campaign (2006) - discussions in MCs in 24 countries with more than 30 000 participated parents, were harvested at the 1st International Mother Centres Conference in Nov.2006 in Bratislava,Slovakia, with more than 170 participants from 20 countries.

MC Paper: Raising our children policy and action 2006

Mother Center Conference: How do we want to r aise our Children?

2006 International Mother Center Policy Paper and Platform of Action