Our Goals

mine supports a mother centered development

mine promotes the spreading and networking of Mother Centers worldwide. We see Mother Centers as a way to foster community when modernization, war, migration, epidemics, colonialism, or totalitarism have torn the social fabric of societies apart.

mine strives to understand and make visible the global dimensions of the situation of mothers and families

mine seeks to give a voice to issues and developments that are of concern to mothers

mine supports Mother Centers around the globe to exchange their experiences and lessons learned, and to harvest their knowledge

mine supports Mother Centers around the globe to define shared concerns and strategies as well as find common ground for analysis and action

mine seeks to link the Mother Center movement to other groups and movements that are working towards creating a better world for families, communities and future generations

mine builds partnerships with mainstream partners to advance the spreading of Mother Centers and to gain support for their issues

mine strives for economic empowerment and self sufficiency of mothers and Mother Centers