MINE & Mission

Our Vision: mine (mother center international network for empowerment) stands
for a world that values and supports the work of mothers.
for a world that places social cohesion and community at the base of development.
for a world in which the culture of care is reintegrated into public life.

Here you will find:
What Mine is
mine is the international movement and the network to facilitate co-operation and exchanges between almost 1 000 Mother Centres currently existing in 22 countries: Albania, Argentina, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Cameroon, the Czech republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, Lichtenstein, Nepal, Netherlands, Russia, Rwanda, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. Mine is an award winning international Best Practice.
Our Goals
Mine supports mother centered development.
Our Activities
Mine seeks to achieve its goals by engaging in peer learning, knowledge building, spreading of information, consultation, lobbying, pilot projects, documentation and public relations.
What we offer Mother Centers
Mine offers Mother Centers technical support. It organizes international opportunities for learning, exchanging, profiling, bonding, networking, fundraising and upscaling.
What we offer Institutional Partners
Mine shares knowledge with institutional partners (in written form and in multi- or bi-lateral consultations) on how to establish Mother Centers, engage in principled partnerships, implement policy implications and lessons learned, and bridge the gap between institutional and grassroots culture.