About Grundtvig

As diverse as we are in culture, size or economic environment and as far apart as we are geographically, we all have one thing in common: we are groups of families who create spaces where parents and children can meet and learn from one another. We strive for caring communities, inclusive of all, respectful for differences, where all are encouraged to discover their competences and contribute these gifts, to further strengthen the group. We all run our groups mainly on the time, love and energy, of volunteers. This is certainly not easy! It is difficult to create proper structures that give justice to the nature of our movement, yet still are practical and efficient in their functioning. In this partnership project, we want to put these difficulties on the table. We have the courage to allow the others to learn from our difficulties. We want to grow together as a movement, exchange and learn from one another. We start with a large meeting (Nov.2011, Stuttgart, Germany) where all partners formulate the questions they will want support for, from the other partners. In the two years each partner does a program of exchanges with in general about 4 or 5 of the other countries. Besides of the initial meeting, we will meet all 13 partners also during the concluding end conference (May 2013, Prague, the Cuech Republic) and during a weeklong workshop at mid term June 2012, Schoorl, Netherlands), where we will deepen our knowledge of the Leadership Support Process. This working method is particularly appropriate for the functioning of our kind of Centers and we intend to use the Grundtvig project to disseminate it further into our networks.