Newsletter March 2011

Newsletter March 2011
Submitted by Elena on Sat, 03/19/2011 - 08:00
Dear friends in Mother Centres all around the world,

an amazing time of waking the Nature up is definitely here again – at least at the North hemisphere at this time. Signing birds early in the morning, bunches of snowdrops, increasingly warmer sun rays, a gentle breeze - everything is whispering about the mystery of Life, being born again and again.

The below picture was taken by Marieke in Colombia a few days ago. A rainbow reminds a bridge – and for me networking is like building a bridge from one heart to another.
The most important is to build it up from both sides in order to get a stable one.
I do believe that we all are able to build such bridges – thanks a lot for all your contributions to this issue – they are like bricks so much needed for mine bridge.

Enjoy reading,
Elena Bakosova