10/10/12: the 3rd International Mother Centres Day (IMCD)

Dear friends from mother centers around Europe and other continents,

The Czech Network of Mother Centers would like to invite you to celebrate with us the international day of mother centers 10-10-12. The aim of this celebration is to provide a space where European mother centers can get to know better other mother centers from different parts of Europe, and also joint public relations.
This year the Czech Network of MCs is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishing of the first mother center in the Czech Republic and the 10th anniversary of the Czech Network of MCs. Based on the joint agreement, we have become a “focus country” of this year 3rd international day of mother centers 10-10-12.
You can get involved in the celebration of the international day of mother centers 10-10-12 by different ways. The decision is on you:
1. Dissemination of information about the Czech Network of MCs and the Czech Republic. This constitutes the basic involvement. You will get the package with all the information until next Friday September 21 2012.
2. Or to hold the “Czech Day” – you can choose any kind of form.
- You can use the materials in package witch you will get next Friday
- You can invite someone who comes from the Czech Republic or lived there in the past. We are sure that you have a real chance to invite someone since there are a lot people from the Czech Republic living abroad in these days.
- You can prepare or cook some traditional food from the Czech cuisine. A few recipes are attached.
- You can also learn a few Czech words which we have selected for you.
3. You can hold one-day celebration or it can be longer according to the program of a celebration.

As a part of this year´s campaign of the International Day of Mother Centers will be a Resolution called “Call for Family Friendly European Policy” which was created on the international meeting within the project Grundtvig in Schoorl in Netherlands. The Resolution will be addressed to the European Parliament. You can find the Resolution and a manual how to distribute it in the information package about the campaign.
The aim of this activity is to open a discussion inside the European Parliament about the state and the future of the family and family friendly policies in Europe.
We are looking forward to meeting you on the celebration of the international day of mother centers 10-10-12!
Presidium of the Czech Network of Mother Centers