The mine network will be 15 years old in 2015: a good reason to celebrate a good birthday party!!


That is why we want to put the Network itself in the center of the International Mother Centers Day on 10.10.15 and not one country as usual. 'We are different, but we are united by the same voice' is the motto for 10. 10. 2015. How can that be better expressed than through dance and music, symbolizing energy and movement.

Don't worry you do not need to make a complicated choreography! As usual the time is short (my apologies) but you will manage somehow. Because every country has its own way of experiencing and expressing music, there is space for your own ideas.

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Andrea Laux;- Chair was awarded with the prestigious German Bundesverdienstkreuz in 2003 Barbara Künkelin Award in 2000. Co-founder of regional network of Mother Centers Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. (www.muetterforum.de
Renate Stein has 25 years of experience in the Mother Center movement. Presently she asists women in her home town Buenos Aires, Argentina in running the first Mother Center in Latin America.

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